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Born out of the love of great ingredients and even better produce, The Little Deli is a family run delicatessen in the heart of Hitchin

We think there has never been a better time for amazing food in the UK. We have searched from the windswept coasts of Cornwall to the wide skies of Orkney to bring you the very best that this fair land has to offer. And we’ve brought it all to our lovely little shop in Hitchin to present you with the best cheese counter in Hertfordshire, an exciting selection of British charcuterie and chutneys & relishes to delight your tastebuds, all of which is kept in the best company by our fresh produce range of savouries, pasta & salads.

So whether you’re creating a sumptuous cheeseboard for weekend guests, a perfect picnic basket to share with friends, or simply browsing for an indulgent treat for yourself (we won’t judge), you’ll find all manner of tempting produce on our shelves.

No time to pop in to town? Don't let that curd [sorry!] your fun, order online and we will deliver to your door!



We are very excited to start on this next adventure, keen to build on the lasting legacy & love Hitchin has for The Little Deli. We have lots of exciting plans!

Visit us in store for Deli Discovery – a carefully curated calendar of cheese & their chums – find out more about the producers, what is special about each product and how you can use it in cooking. Buy all products in one purchase and receive a 10% discount & online.

Keep your cheese cravings satisfied with Curd Nerds "Cheese of the Month" subscription service – the best of this month’s cheese delivered to your door, every month. You bring the wine.

We are already working with local business to bring the love of cheese in to your life, and will be creating a series of wine or beer tasting evenings, all about the toasties, pop-ups, supper clubs....

We hope you’ll join us in store... or in the comfort of your own home!

DELI Discovery

Not sure what to choose?  Our Deli Discovery is here to help!  We’ve put together our recommendations for the best produce this month.  And a special treat for you: get a 10% discount when you buy this month's featured cheese and two of its chums.  Enjoy!


An Alpine style cheese, rather like a Gruyere, made by the Hegartys and Jean-Baptiste Enjelvin in Cork, Ireland.
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Moons Green British Chorizo

Incorporating sherry and 2 different types of paprika, this 18th Century recipe makes for a milder chorizo profile.
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IOW Green Tomato & Chilli Jam

MMade with green tomatoes, fresh ginger and green Jalapeño chillies, it will add a bit of a kick.
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San Pellegrino Limonata

Be transported to Italy with the zest of fresh lemons in this gentle sparkling refreshing drink.
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